• Halal Awareness
  • Halal Mock Recall
  • MPPHM 2020
  • MHMS 2020
  • GMP Awareness
  • HACCP Awareness
  • Food Labelling 
  • Food Act and Food Regulation
  • Allergen Management
  • Food Traceability
  • Document Control
  • General SOP & Form Development
  • Halal Application & Certification
  • GMP and Food Safety System (HACCP)
  • MesTI Application & Certification
  • BeSS Application & Certification

We believed a systematic process will ensure the goals can be achieved within the projection time frame.

  1. Review the existing client current practice against Halal, GMP & HACCP Requirements for core factors which are people, documentation, and facility.
  2. Support and educate the client on the requirements. Focus to established an effective and systematic working environment with proper documentation.
  3. Train internal auditor and prepare for pre-compliance audit including Management Review Meeting.
  4. Review the post-audit findings, assist the client in replying Certification Body audit report.
  5. Obtain certification.